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Cracovia Appartamenti


Benvenuti a Cracovia! Trova e prenota appartamenti a Cracovia in Cracow-Apartments.com. Vasta gamma di appartamenti nel cuore di Cracovia. Appartamenti Last Minute


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Cracovia Appartamenti

In Cracow-Apartments.com siamo fieri di poter offrirvi una vasta gamma di appartamenti nel cuore di Cracovia. Ben attrezzati, dai prezzi concorrenziali, costituiscono una perfetta alternativa agli alberghi di Cracovia. Provate il nostro sistema di Prenotazione Online. Prenota un appartamento gia adesso e godi del soggiorno nella nostra bellissima citta!

Cracovia Appartamenti

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1. Introduction

These Terms of Use set out the Terms and Conditions applicable to all reservations of apartments and other services available through Cracow-Apartments.com. By clicking the "PAY" button, the User acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Prices

All prices shown on the Cracow-Apartments.com website are final and include all applicable taxes and additional charges. Users will only be required to make payments indicated on the Cracow-Apartments.com website.
Children aged 4 and under (one child sharing their parent's bed or using their own cot or pram) are exempt from payment.

3. Terms of Booking

Bookings can be secured using a credit card. A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total payment is charged on booking. This payment will become part of the apartment fee or the services fee. The balance is payable to the Apartment Owner or the Service Provider on commencement of service. Acceptable forms of payment will be specified on an individual basis by the Apartment Owner or the Service Provider.

4. Cancellations and Changing Bookings

Please contact Cracow-Apartments.com if you wish to cancel your booking. Any changes to your booking must be agreed with the Apartment Owner or Service Provider.

5. Extending your stay

Stays can only be extended by making a new booking with the Cracow-Apartments.com system.

6. Arrival-Stay-Departure

The time of arrival will be estimated at booking. Check-in time from 14:00. Please contact the Apartment Owner or the Service Provider no later than 1 day prior to arrival if you suspect you will arrive late. Apartments should be vacated by 12:00 midday.

7. Transferring Booking Rights

Bookings can be transferred (with all rights preserved) to a third party. The transferee's personal information must be provided to the Apartment Owner or the Service Provider for such a transfer to become effective. The transfer of booking rights also entails the transfer of all obligations under the applicable agreement. The transfer of booking rights is free.

8. Force Majeure

In the event of exceptional circumstances preventing the Apartment Owner from performing the rental agreement in a satisfactory manner, the Apartment Owner may offer to the User a substitute apartment or hotel accommodation with comparable or higher standards.

9. User Obligations

The User should maintain the Apartment in an appropriate condition. Any damaged or missing property should be reported to the Apartment Owner immediately upon arrival. The User should also report any damage caused by the User during his or her stay. The cost of such damage will be paid by the User. The number of people staying in an apartment must not exceed the number specified on the Voucher.

10. Animals

Unless otherwise provided in the apartment description, Users are allowed to bring a cat or a dog. Fees for animals will be determined on an individual basis by the Apartment Owners. Users are obliged to compensate for any damage caused by their animals.

11. Limitation of Liability

The eServices company, the operator of Cracow-Apartments.com service, has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information contained in its Internet service is correct and up to date. All apartment descriptions and descriptions of services are in accordance with the information obtained from the Apartment Owners and Service Providers.
All bookings made on this website are deemed to be transacted with the Apartment Owners and Service Providers on their premises. While the Cracow-Apartments.com service strives to facilitate the making of reservations, it is not a party to any such agreements. Therefore it cannot be held directly responsible for the performance thereof.

Presentation of information within the Cracow-Apartments.com Internet service may not be regarded as a recommendation or an assertion that the services advertised therein will be suitable for the User.

The eServices company reserves the right to amend any information published within the Cracow-Apartments.com Internet service, notably price lists, apartment descriptions, services descriptions and photographs.

12. Intellectual Property

Information, graphics, pictures, trade marks, logos and trade names included in the Cracow-Apartments.com Internet service are protected by copyright.

13. Applicable Law

All disputes between the Apartment Owner or the Service Provider and the User will be governed by the Laws of Poland. Any possible disputes will be settled on an amicable basis. Failing this such disputes will be referred to the court with jurisdiction over the Apartment Owner's or the Service Provider's place of business.

Any matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and other applicable legislation.

The Apartment Owners and the Service Providers have read and understood the foregoing Terms and Conditions and have accepted all provisions herein.

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